July 15, 2019

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What Happens After a Car Accident?

After Car Accident

Have you been involved in a car accident? You may be wondering what happens next. How can you get compensation for the damages and injuries? What should you do? What should you expect? What can you do to improve the chances of your success?

After the accident

The first two weeks after the accident may be the toughest weeks for you as a victim. You may be recovering from injuries or just coming to terms with what happened. You may not be thinking clearly. Unfortunately, this period is also a crucial time if you want to seek compensation for damages and injuries.

One of the most important things you can do during this period is contact a lawyer to help you file your claim for compensation. Contacting a lawyer in these early stages will help you know what is required to improve your chances of success.

This early period is also a great time to gather evidence and document the accident and its consequences. If your car was damaged in the accident, chances are that it will be taken to the auto-body shop where it will be repaired or destroyed depending on the extent of the damage. It is a good idea to have photos of the vehicle taken before this happens. Get in touch with the auto-body shop and have photos taken before work begins on the vehicle.

Talking to the adversarial party

After the accident, you are likely to be contacted by an insurance adjuster or representative from the insurance provider of the driver who caused the accident. It is never a good idea to talk to the adversarial party at any point while filing a claim against them no matter how good or reasonable they may sound.

It’s important to understand that the adversarial party is not on your side. The adjuster will be working to minimize the amount to be paid as compensation or even completely avoid having to make the payment. Be sure to tell the adjuster to call your lawyer who will be able to deal with any legal issues.

You should also be careful about what you say to others about your accident. It is best not to talk about the accident except to your lawyer. You should also refrain from posting statements about the accident or your health on social media. All this can be used as evidence against you and may hurt your claim.

You are not required by law to give a statement to the insurance company. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied into giving a statement before discussing it with your attorney as it may hurt your case.

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